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Author Alfonso Gamble SR 

Sleeping with the Enemy, a PTSD self help book 

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If you or a loved one has PTSD and you would like to find out more information on living with this disorder, then my new book is the right answer. As a disabled Vietnam veteran diagnosed with PTSD, I have slept with this enemy for more than 40 years. It is my hope that the information and advice my book offers can help you through the darkness into the light. You can find my book, Sleeping with The Enemy: PTSD, in Augusta, GA, as well as online through Amazon and Outskirts Press,Barnes &Noble also Kindle/Audio edition, and in e-book is on iTunes. To learn more about my motivational & Inspirational engagement  alone with my self-help book, or to purchase a copy, reach out to my office

About the Author: Alfonso Gamble, SR

Born in Richmond, VA, Alfonso Gamble Sr. was drafted into the Vietnam War in his senior year of high school. He served multiple tours as an infantry combat soldier and received many rewards, including:

  • Combat Infantry Badge
  • Purple Heart
  • Silver Star
  • Bronze Star with the (V) Device

After the war and many more years of military service, Alfonso Gamble returned home. Here he became a city bus driver and attended J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College. It was during this time that he was diagnosed with PTSD and became a disabled Veteran due to this illness. After going through years of healing, he decided to become a writer so that he could help others learn the cause and effects of PTSD. He believes that no one goes through anything just for themselves. That is why he uses his healing experiences to help others going through similar traumas. 

Alfonso Gamble Sr in Augusta, GA

Living with PTSD 

Trauma comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes and affects people from all walks of life. Some individuals, such as myself, from war with the lingering effects of that war. In contrast, others struggle with the lasting emotional and mental repercussions of child abuse, sexual abuse, spousal abuse, and many other difficult circumstances. However, despite the differences in all our stories, it is our similarities that truly unite us.


In every corner of our country, there are many Americans and other sleeping with this enemy--an enemy I known as PTSD, tha with it depression,anger and some resentment that in some cases can lead to suicide. Whether you’re living with PTSD in Augusta, GA, or anywhere else in the nation, you will be able find yourself in one of my stories. This PTSD help book is here to provide you with some aid in dealing with this enemy and some of its comfort, along some understanding fro your self about PTSD.

My goal is to help you or your loved ones gain more insight about this invisible enemy. By raising your awareness of this world wide problem, I hope to inspire family and individual along with community to over come some of the causes and effect they maybe having or their love one maybe going throught. Within my stories, I hope to show my readers that it is possible to learn about after living with PTSD and make it to the other side with a sense of purpose, healing, and growth.

Living with PTSD in Augusta, GA
Sleeping With The Enemy (PTSD) in Augusta, GA

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Self-Help Book in
Augusta, GA 

LOOKING AT YOU FINDING MYSELF was one of the first books that I wrote from my journey from within. It is a self-help book in Augusta, GA, and talks about if I could find myself in someone else, then I need to ask myself many questions. Why was I so different, and why did I believe that I am the only one in this world (good, bad ugly) that missed out on some of the greatest gifts in life. Where I could find healing and the beauty of life? Seeing myself in everyone and everything in life that became apart of me, from within, I found oneness where life itself became a journey in life to life. This self-help book not only will open your eyes to a world where we not only find love for each other, but may also help with finding the creator of all mankind itself. So pick it up and start a journey that will help you discover the life that you may been missing out on by not looking at your self through everyone and everything.

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This book, MIA - MISSING in AMERICA (OUR SONS) by Augusta, GA, author Alfonso Gamble Sr., is about a journey of healing and changing lives. It talks about our sons being missing in a world that has sent them into the battlefield of life with our misinformation. Many of them are lost not only to themselves but also to their families. In this self-help book, you will find some questions that only you are going to have an answer from your truth. You will then know if you are one of the ones that sent your sons or the fatherless boys into many of those hiding places that I talk about in this book. Will you be one of the few that will say I will go and help bring them home? They can find the ones in life that spoke to every human being that we love you, I didn't know better then, but I do now. This book by Alfonso Gamble Sr. is not just for men but also for women. We know that we all play a part in our children's lives. There will be many that will say that my son is home with me. However, we all know that the body can be there with us, but as one of the questions in this book asks you to answer, look and listen and see if their mind is there with you. What you know to be your truth today is not your truth from yesterday. We all know that any lost dream to this society could be the very one that will save it.


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Understanding PTSD in Augusta, GA

If you need help understanding PTSD in Augusta, GA, why not order one of my books you will find featured on this website. Reading my books will help you see you are not alone.

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