Let's talk about PTSD in the here now

April 2, 2020

By Alfonso Gamble Sr.

In these times in our society, we as a society have to get real with ourselves about what is PTSD and now it can come into our lives. First and foremost if you have read my book (Sleeping With The Enemy)PTSD, you have and idea about some of the causes and effect that enemy can bring into one life and family lives, also what it is and what it can come from. That is some of different way a person can be traumatize and come to have (PTSD) I talking about from some of events that I went from Vietnam War to young person who saw their friend drowning in the neighborhood last summerThis is not saying anything about person who was in the car accident and lost a love one, so you see some of what we going through today can an will be someone nightmare.

     So what I want you know is that you can get help with this enemy before it become a enemy that you will be sleeping under knowingly, and also other with in home, are from you not get help are not knowledgeing some truth about what going with from within. Now I am not a doctor or a therapist, however, I wrote that book to help other with some of my own experience after doing some healing and growth after sleeping with enemy for more than forty years, also seeing some the causes and effect it had on my ex-wives and children's, so if nothing else pick up a copy and prepared yourself so you to will know something about (PTSD). Stay safe and keep your love one out of this enemy path with information at many may saying to them self this is not the bad. Trust me here because these are some traumatizing time that we as human being are going and its just beginning.